Ep.256 – The Sounds @ The Key Club -West Hollywood, CA – 07/30/09

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I still cant get over how much fun I had at this show. I honestly cant recollect that last time I got right up in the front and jumped around to my hearts content. By the end of the night I was drenched from head to toe with sweat. I wish the rest of the crowd went a little more crazy. Nonetheless they were cool enough with me getting my grove on.

I cant wait to see The Sounds again and I hope that they do a headlining tour for their new album
“Crossing the Rubicon”

The Sounds set list Key Club 07/30/09

The Sounds

Ep.131 – The Sounds @ The Palladium – Hollywood, CA – 11/20/08

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2 Comments to “Ep.256 – The Sounds @ The Key Club -West Hollywood, CA – 07/30/09”

  1. Monique says:

    I was there! Front row as always!
    Going to be following them on part of the tour again this fall!

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