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Lorn interviews Katy White and Jules De Martino aka The Ting Tings.

This is probably one of the most memorable interviews I have done.  As soon as The Ting Tings walked off stage i ran to the front of the store and started getting fan reviews of the show.  While I was doing this, Katy and Jules walked up on their way to an autograph session.  I began to talk to them about YTC and they thought it was really cool and would be down to do a interview.  I waited around for a good 20-30 min after the signing and was about to give up.  Then, low and behold, I see the band’s manager trying to hustle them out the back door so I couldn’t get an interview, but thankfully Katy remembered me and waved so I ran up and had this nice little chat and a lot more. It’s tough to talk and work the camera so a lot of the meeting wasn’t recorded. Much thanks and appreciation to Jules and Katy for doing this interview you guys ROCK TO THE MAX!! -lorn

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