Lorn’s Top 10 YTC Moments (6 Month Anniversary Edition)

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This post consist of my 10 favorite moments with YTC thus far. Some of the moments are concerts themselves but the list also includes several interviews and crazy things that have happened to me.

#1 Dana Petty recognizing me and walking Bryan and I in the back door of the Troubadour for a sold out Mudcrutch show. http://youtellconcerts.com/wp/?p=55#more-55

#2 Happy Coachella!!!

#3 Bryan,Chrystal and I pull off 3 free front row seats for VH1 Rock Honors The Who http://youtellconcerts.com/wp/?p=90

#4 Interview with Gaspard Auge of Justice

#5 Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello performing The Ghost of Tom Joad

#6 Dana Petty walking me in the back door for a second night in a row

#7 Ghostland Observatory asking for me at Sasquatch 2008

#8 Seeing and interviewing the Ting Tings at Easy Street Records in Seattle WA

#9 Interview with Brad Smith of Blindmelon


#10 The Cure at the Hollywood Bowl

Thanks to everyone who has helped us get this far -lorn

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