We Forgot our 1 year Anniversary…..

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That’s right folks YTC is one year old…. How crazy is that? Every one said we were crazy…. and well they were right. Who would have thought that we could attend 164 concerts in one year and talk with thousands of people on video to create memories and experiences that will stand on through time…. I do have to admit that in the beginning YTC sucked !!!

For the first episode Josh and I drove out to Las Vegas to catch 311 at the Joint and well it was a complete disaster….

311 at the joint in Las Vegas Video Concert Review

I am fairly sure that I drank a 1/5th of Vodka before that show and gave some random girl a massage in the lobby…..or at least that’s the story i heard….. after that episode I really started to make an ass out of myself by yelling and screaming in public to get attention….

Foo Fighters @ The Forum 03/06/08

The Original YTC logo in early March 2008

The first 10 shows

10 [03/16/08] Matchbox Twenty w/Alanis Morissette @ Staples Center
9 [03/14/08] Bad Religion Live @ the House of Blues Sunset Strip
8 [03/06/08] Foo Fighters Live @ the Forum Night Two
7 [03/05/08] Foo Fighters Live @ the Forum Night One
6 [03/04/08] Linkin Park Live @ Staples Center
5 [03/01/08] Holy Fuck Live @ Spaceland
4 [02/29/08] Cat Power Live @ the Wiltern Theater
3 [02/28/08] Diplo at the Crash Mansion LA
1 [02/22/08] 311 Live at the Joint in Las Vegas !

One of the luxury’s I had at the beginning of YTC was the fact that I had no job and got to travel… I was able to catch 20 shows in Seattle and got some killer interviews while i was there.

Gaspard Auge from Justice interview

I made a complete and total ass out of my self in that interview but it was well worth it as I made the cut of the Justice A Cross The Universe DVD While in Seattle I all so had the chance to chat with Pop sen sensations the Ting Tings

Interviews with The Ting Tings in Seattle

Bryan had attended a few concerts with YTC but fully hopped on board at Ep. 22

Groove Armada @ Los Angeles City Hall

After that we started running full speed and got ready for Coachella and the 2008 HAPPY COACHELLA campaign. Few people know that YTC was actually created to perpetuate the HAPPY COACHELLA!! movement. Thats right folks, YTC was a giant scam to get press credentials to Coachella and get HAPPY COACHELLA off the ground. Josh created the sticker…

and I swear Prince said HAPPY COACHELLA !!!!

Ep.42 would change YTC for ever…. It was the Episode we meet Chrystal …..

New Kids On The Block Reunion show @ the HOB

Chrystal had know clue who we were but dug the video of YTC… She was kind enough to post our vid on an NKOTB chat room and caused it to become the most popular YTC video to date …….

On July 26th 2008 with the help of Bryan and William H we rang in a new era of YTC and relaunched the site as it is today…. to celebrate we headed to Santa Barbara and caught the band it all started with …… 311

Ep.70 311 w/ Snoop Dogg @ Santa Barbara Bowl

A little less then 7 months after starting YTC we hit its 100th concert….

Ratatat @ The Henry Fonda Music Box

After that things started to slowly pick up…. Chrystal moved to Nashville and started making vids and spreed the love of YTC

AC/DC @ Sommet Center – Nashville, TN

We started getting street cred and actually respected with with in the music industry……

Internet blog Hipster Run Off posted this about YTC

I am excited about the future of the internet + music journalism

” I totes <3 the internet yall. It really ‘levels the playing field’ and gives every1 the same opportunity to ’show the world who u r’ and ‘convey ur perspective on the world.’

I recently stumbled upon two LosAngelesBros who were looking to ‘let the world experience concerts’ through their own eyes. This is the power of vlogging / youtube + accessibility to cameras that cost below $500. Something I wish I had done when I used 2 be an altbro & I got my first Volvo station wagon+got to go to any concert I wanted 2.”

Its still been a long road and I owe big thanks to everyone who has helped us out along the way… Big shout outs to Bryan, Chrystal, and Josh the site wouldn’t be what it is with you… Major props to everyone who has talked shit and has said YTC will never catch on cause… well it has…Thanks to all of our actual fans especially those who have been rocking out since day one and have dealt with more shit then the rest of you… KEEP ON ROCKING YOU GUYS KEEP ON ROCKING !!!! and dont forget when You Tell Concerts Its Cooler !!!! YTC year 2 -lorn

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