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Nothing like good old fashion Cyber bullying………

Well here at YTC we are affected by Cyber bullying too… Recently we have gotten a lot of hate on a video concert review we made at the STS9 concert at the Wiltern back in January

Here is an example of some of the hurtful things people say to us when we are just trying to have fun and review shows.

“these people are the only reason why sts9 doesn’t bring it any more in comparision to just a couple years ago. rolling la retards saying a dull set list and “crazy” lights, thats not a review. seriously your the only reason why the world is so bad. thank you and come again” – Tortalone

Sorry we can’t all be as cool as Tortalone.  Luckily we have awesome fans who got our back and will stick up to all the cyber bullies trolling the internet!

“shut the fuck up; no one gives a shit about your whiny opinion that people who have a better time than you are drug abusers and actually didnt have a good time. Its a shame you’re jaded and have your judgement clouded by nostalgia. I encourage you to kill yourself, since you seem to be unable to derive any more enjoyment from living, and certainly no one else is enjoying your life either. I hope you are killed in an extremely ironic fashion & someone catches it on video and uploads it to youtube ” – autofocusoff

Thanks Autofocusoff!  You have mad hula hoop skillz!

Are you affected by hurtful comments online?  Reach out to your “real” friends and talk about it.  If you don’t have any “real” friends, reach out to your online buddy list.  Cyber bullying won’t ever end unless people like us and people like you stand up and fight it together.

Ep.149 – STS9 (Sound Tribe Sector 9) @ The Wiltern – Los Angeles,CA – 01/17/09

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