WMC09 – Day 4 – Sat 3/28/09

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SO much MORE (interviews, pics, vids..) to come!!

Again… lack of time and no internet access when you are running around partying 24/7.  Lorn and I are currently waiting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport for providence to magically return us to Los Angeles.  I think we are going to bump this joint and go hang out with my brother til tomorrow morning.  The airport is just a complete clusterfuck right now… i’ve never seen anything like it.

Highlights from Saturday:

-LIL’ JON w/ Diplo

Photo by android in florida

IHEARTCOMIX + MadDecent Party at O.H.W.O.W.

MadDecent Party
Photo by android in florida

Diplo and Lil’ Jon going CRAZY!! “Get yo’ handz up!!”

-Boys Noize playing Daft @ Ultra (Steeeeaaaaammm Machiiiinnnneeeee)

-VIP backstage @ Moby (Thanks Fonz & Molly!!)

-These chill Aussie chicks (I want to say… Amy?? and Jessica?? I hope that’s right… if not I have it on video and will be posting their review at the MadDecent Party)

-Peace & Love corner store on 32nd and 7th in midtown Miami (an absolutely magical commerical establishment)


-The Prodigy @ Ultra (the shorter dude with white hair was totally lip synching. just was kinda weak honestly)

-The toilets @ Ultra (Although air conditioned, even the VIP bathrooms were nasty and totally thrashed.)

-$5 water (we certainly didn’t pay for water and tried to help as many other people have free access to water as well)


We are in Ft. Lauderdale with my brother now.  I haven’t slept in the real sense of the word since Friday, or in any meaningful sort of way since I left Los Angeles.  Surviving off of steam rooms, hot showers, and a will to live.  Tomorrow we are going to try to catch the first and only direct flight to LAX.  Cross your fingers.

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