Write for You Tell Concerts

Here at You Tell Concerts, it is our goal to get the fans perspective of the shows they attend.  We started You Tell Concerts making video concert reviews, where we interviewed concert-goers right after shows and created mini-documentaries featuring fan reviews of the concert.

Although we still feel that video concert reviews are the future of concert reviews (and are our preferred concert review format), we love receiving written reviews submitted by fans from the shows we aren’t able to attend.   Fan-submitted reviews give us a look at concerts through the eyes of someone who is an actual fan of the music – instead of a critic.

We would love to hear about the shows you have been to and what you thought about them.  Simply follow You Tell Concerts 5 step how to write a concert review formula, and submit your review to youtell (at) youtellconcerts (dot) com, and your review might be featured on YouTellConcerts.com