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So last week the internet blog Hipster Run Off posted this about YTC

I am excited about the future of the internet + music journalism

I totes <3 the internet yall. It really ‘levels the playing field’ and gives every1 the same opportunity to ‘show the world who u r’ and ‘convey ur perspective on the world.’

I recently stumbled upon two LosAngelesBros who were looking to ‘let the world experience concerts’ through their own eyes. This is the power of vlogging / youtube + accessibility to cameras that cost below $500. Something I wish I had done when I used 2 be an altbro & I got my first Volvo station wagon+got to go to any concert I wanted 2.

Video: Two Bros Vlogging About a Chromeo Concert
Favourite moment: “That shit was… CRACKING”bro at 50 second mark
Important question: Will these bros get picked up by ?

Yall probably think u need to go to Pitchfork, hipster runoff, or Guerilla Versus Bro to ‘get closer to artists’ and ‘recreate the live experience.’ However, it is people on the ground level who will revolutionize music journalism. We’re not looking for opinions on music any more–we just want to go to concerts, enjoy the music, get our dance & sweat on, and then talk about how meaningful the experience was with a group of ‘buzzed’ people outside of the concert.

I remember in the past I blogged about the future of music journalism, and how things are getting s00 out of control with ‘taking the internet s00 seriously.’ However, I think internet criticism will become less important in the next 5-10 years, and people will be more interested in ‘getting closer 2 artists’ and ‘real people’ who are going through fan experiences. It’s more authentic if u report about music when ur not on the guestlist. It makes u a more authentic fan, and your experience is more meaningful, therefore, the story is more interesting.

Are yall excited about the future of music journalism?
will u and 1 of ur bros start up a new eCompany/website?
Does n e 1 know how 2 buy a dot-com / register with a blogger website?
Are yall still excited about ‘the live music experience’ or is that too entry level?

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